Welcome to a website whose sole purpose is to let residents of Historic Seminole Heights in Tampa know about a development deal to put another discount box store "Family Dollar" in the middle of our community, negatively affecting residental property value, and derailing our efforts to encourage local and vital development that fits the historic neighborhood.   




Mayor Bob Buckhorn 


Land Development Coordination Staff

Thom Snelling


Gloria Moreda


Eric Cotton



Contact Charlie Miranda (District 6)Here



#1 Family Dollar is going to cost the area jobs immediately. The current building at 5100 N Florida Ave has been leased by 4 businesses. They have been evicted. Those jobs were local, independent businesses that had made a home in the Seminole Heights. We have lost those jobs & businesses. In their place wil be 8-10 minimum wage jobs. 

#2 Family Dollar is not "improving the building" or the architecture. The permits pulled for construction only has to do with the INTERIOR of the building. Not the lot, or the exterior. But be sure they will put up lots of floodlights, and a BIG RED AND ORANGE SIGN for us all to look at, each and every day.  

#3 This block is a city - wide destination already. Family Dollar is NOT bringing "More Business" to the block. If you haven't visited this area, then you may not realize that it is in the midst of an independent business revival. Award Winning Businesses such as Mauricio Faedos (Bakery), the Refinery (Nationally Nominated James-Beard Award Restaurant, Best of the Bay Winner), Independent Bar & Cafe (Best of the Bay Winner), Cleanse Apothecary (Best of the Bay Winner), Sherry's Yesterdaze Vintage (Best of the Bay Winner), A Modern Line Furniture, Cappy's Pizza (Best of the Bay Winner), Microgroove Records (Best of the Bay Winnner), Chameleon Custom Solutions (Printing), Olson's VW Repair, and many many more call this section of Florida Ave. Their Home. Having a "Family Dollar" Store is simply going to hurt / parasite those existing businesses. 

#4 Family Dollar has a bad reputation, not only for their workers, but also for their prices. Family Dollar has been found guilty of violating federal overtime laws, settling for over $35 million dollars for their illegal practices (Source - USA TODAY), by forcing employees to work without overtime pay, and has been accused of discrimanatory practices. Additionally their business model is set up around offering discounts on anchor items (such as Dish Soap) and then marking up all other items, so that a misled consumer actually spends more than at the competition. 

#5 All Family Dollar's Net Profts Are Taken Out of the Community. All profits are taken to the company's headquarters in North Carolina. The net impact of this business being here to the benefit of the community on a local level is in the negative.  

#6 THERE ARE ALREADY 5 FAMILY DOLLAR STORES WITHIN 2.4 MILES OF THE LOCATION. Talk about market saturation! We also have a CVS, a Sav-A-Lot Grocery, a Publix and some produce stands within 1.2 Miles of the proposed location.  


What can you do to help drive out Family Dollar and support the positive revitalization of Seminole Heights?  

 Public opposition is our biggest weapon.  The real estate purchase has not gone through yet, and the building permits have not been finalized. We must act immediately! Please take the time to write or call the following people involved, and let them know that we do not want another Family Dollar Store in our neighborhood.  (Please be professional, and you will be taken more seriously.) 


Call - Chris Salemi

Hunt Douglas Developers

5100 W. Kennedy Blvd.

Suite 225 Tampa, FL 33609

Tel:  813.289.5511



Call - Dean Koutroumanis

Regional Real Estate Developer

Family Dollar Corporation


Tel: 813-624-4620





More Information .... 

The property in question WAS NEVER OFFERED FOR PUBLIC SALE FOR THIS TRANSACTION .... rumor has it that Hunt Real Estate came in and offered 4x what the property is currently valued at. 

And the representative for the Developer, HUNT real estate is a fellow named Chris Salemi. According to his company profile Chris lives in Palm Harbor and likes supporting things in his local community over there.

Ironically, Palm Harbor is exactly the place that recently successfully told Family Dollar that they are not welcome there, and succeded in preventing them from moving in.  <---Tampa Bay Times Link 

From what has been discussed by several proactive local homeowners so far is that this is not yet a "done deal". And while Family Dollar is the prospective buildout / tenant for the realestate, it is not yet a secure transaction. 

Do you really  want to stare at this bright orange and red eyesore and watch it hurt your property value for the next decade? Think about it: most of these leases are for 10-15 years. We can do something to stop this. 

Brought up at the meeting was the local representative for Family Dollar:

Dean Koutroumanis phone number 813-624-4620

Several people have called Dean, and the recent and sudden intense outcry from the local community has him "Alarmed". Constant feedback is a neccesity so they know we are serious about this in our community. Via one phone conversation he was polite and receptive but was unable to give a real reason why we need FIVE FAMILY DOLLAR STORES SURROUNDING US WITHIN A COUPLE MILES OF OUR HOMES. 

WE CAN STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING. There are over 5 Family Dollars within a couple miles from this location already. WE HAVE ENOUGH. 

 Want to know more about Seminole Heights? Check out the Wiki about it here: 

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